Proverb – There’s no smoke without fire. / Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

When people suspect something, there is normally a good reason for the suspicion, even if there is no concrete evidence. In other words, there is usually some truth behind every rumor.

“I’m going to withdraw all my money from that bank. I read an article that the bank was in financial trouble, and where there’s smoke there’s fire.”

Idiom – Small Beer

English idiom “small beer” refers to something insignificant or unimportant, especially when compared to something else.  A synonym for this expression is small potatoes.

“A loan of that size is small beer – these banks are lending millions of pounds a day.”
“We are not talking small potatoes – building the airport means many people in the area will lose their homes.”


Quiz Answers: ‘Problem’ Idioms


Which of the following English idioms does NOT mean ❛I have a problem❜ or ❛I am in trouble❜?

a) I am in a jam.
b) I am in a pickle.
c) I am in a mess.
d).I am in a fix.
e) I am in a predicament.
.f) I am in a bind.

The correct answer is: All of the English idioms listed above mean ❛I have a problem❜ or ❛I am in trouble❜.