Idiom – Small Beer

English idiom “small beer” refers to something insignificant or unimportant, especially when compared to something else.  A synonym for this expression is small potatoes.

“A loan of that size is small beer – these banks are lending millions of pounds a day.”
“We are not talking small potatoes – building the airport means many people in the area will lose their homes.”


‘Problem’ Idioms

Which of the following English idioms does NOT mean ❛I have a problem❜ or ❛I am in trouble❜?

a) I am in a jam.
b) I am in a pickle.
c) I am in a mess.
d) I am in a fix.
e) I am in a predicament.
f) I am in a bind.

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Idiom – Stick to Your Guns

Have you ever heard of the English idiom to stick to your guns? It means ❛to stand by what you believe in, even when other people disagree or try to make you change your opinion❜. Here is an example:

“David’s family were against him becoming an actor but he stuck to his guns.”

In this sentence David refused to change his opinion despite the fact that his family disagreed – he stuck to his guns.

Below, you will find an article that also demonstrates the use of this English expression:
Post-war artists who stuck to their guns
–, 12 December 2011, Adrian Hamilton

Can you think of some more examples of individuals who stuck to their guns?

Idiom – In the Same Boat

An English idiom that you can use to say that ❛two or more people are in the same situation or have the same problem❜ is to be in the same boat. For example:

“The weather was horrible, but that was something that all of the athletes had to deal with. They were in the same boat.”

Tom: “I’m broke. Can you lend me twenty dollars?”
Bill: “Sorry. I’m in the same boat.”